This weekend at Casino Heroes, players can unlock up to 120 Starburst blitz spins worth 0.40 a spin!


This Valentines weekend, Casino Heroes are running an epic offer on Starburst. Players can earn up to 120 blitz spins on the most popular slot in the world, Starburst!

Firstly, in order to claim the offer, players must opt-in and make a deposit of between $/€50 – $/€100. The deposit amount determines the number of Blitz awarded, and what value they are.

For example, a deposit of €/$50 will award the player with 100 blitz spins on Starburst at a value of 0.10 per spin. However, a deposit of €/$100 will unlock 120 spins at a value of 0.40 per spin!


Blitz free spins can only be earned at In fact, Blitz mode is exclusive to the Casino Heroes group!

Once per week, run a free spin offer such as Blitz Starburst spins. These spins can only be awarded on NetEnt games that are available in Blitz mode.

Blitz mode allows free spins to play through at significantly higher speeds normal. Instead of watching the specific outcome of each spin, Blitz mode has an interface that only shows the win amount.

This allows players to enjoy their free spins up to 6x faster than normal.


1️⃣ Firstly, players must opt-in to the chosen offer:


2️⃣ Secondly, choose your deposit amount and select the offer in the deposit window:


Finally, we recommend playing with your cash first. This way, if you win, you can withdraw without any restrictions. However, don’t forget you will forfeit your free spins if you withdraw before playing them.

If you do not get lucky with your cash deposit, you can then play your Blitz Starburst spins. Check out our Blitz slots video tutorial below for more information!


In this video, we will show you what Blitz spins look like. Once the balance runs out at approximately 3.50 mins, you will see the Blitz Starburst spins being activated.

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  • 1-2 Hours
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  • BONUS 9.8/10
  • 0-60 minutes (For Verified Accounts)
  • BONUS 9.5/10
  • Approx 24 Hours